Strong quake again hits Indonesia's Lombok island

Cheryl Sanders
August 9, 2018

"The shaking seemed like it went for a bit longer than the main natural disaster, but it was less intense".

The latest quake on Thursday was felt strongly on the island and followed a 6.9 quake on Sunday that killed at least 131 people and damaged thousands of houses.

The official death toll stands at 131, but local media are reporting figures as high as 347.

While exchanging messages on Facebook about the quake, many Indonesian speakers used the word "selamat", which has several meanings including "safe", "unhurt" or "congratulations" depending on the context.

Dozens were killed in a 6.4 magnitude quake that struck Lombok on July 29.

Many frightened villagers are staying under tents or tarpaulins dotted along roads or in parched rice fields, and makeshift medical facilities have been set up to treat the injured.

He has said several times that the number of deaths will increase.

Almost 2,500 people have been hospitalized with serious injuries and more than 156,000 people are displaced due to the extensive damage to homes.

Authorities said all the tourists who wanted to be evacuated from three outlying vacation islands due to power blackouts and damage to hotels had left by boat, some 5,000 people in all. Aid workers have found some hamlets hard to reach because bridges and roads were torn up by the disaster.

As the aid effort stepped up, volunteers and rescue personnel erected more temporary shelters for the tens of thousands left homeless on Lombok by the magnitude 7.0 quake.

"We have limited human resources".

"I saw my neighbour get stuck in the rubble and die".

A spokesman for the Musholla As-Syuhada mosque told BBC News Indonesian that worshippers heard sounds from "the ceiling and the roof like it was going to fall, so we ran".

At an orphanage in West Lombok, some 80 children - including a one-year-old - were huddling under two large tents after their dorms were destroyed.

A strong aftershock has shaken the Indonesian island of Lombok where tens of thousands of people are homeless after a powerful quake on Sunday.

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