Russian Federation names action-movie star Seagal as envoy for US

Carla Harmon
August 6, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin granted Russian citizenship to Seagal in a 2016 ceremony and personally presented the actor with a new Russian passport.

In the ever stranger world of politics, Russia's Foreign Ministry has announced that action movie actor Steven Seagal has been appointed special representative to improve Russian and USA humanitarian ties. "In worldwide practice, there are parallels with the functions of the un goodwill ambassadors", the foreign ministry said.

According to the statement, his unpaid posting will be to promote intercontinental relations "in the humanitarian sphere", and will be similar to the United Nations' goodwill ambassador positions.

Seagal has been an ardent supporter of Putin, going so far as to defend his government against allegations of election meddling in the United States.

The 66-year-old action star, who appeared in more than 60 movies, including "Above the Law" and 'Under Siege, ' said that he was "sincerely grateful" to the Russian Foreign Ministry for the opportunity.

Seagal's new role was noted by Kremlin-backed TV station RT, who noted Seagal as welcoming the appointment.

"I've always tried to do everything possible to help Russian-American relations to improve", the action movie star told TASS news agency.

Ukraine banned Seagal from entering the country, citing national security concerns.

Seagal was also granted Serbian citizenship in 2016, following several visits to the Balkan country.

The 66-year-old actor was born in Lansing, the capital city of USA state of MI. Also that year, California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher credited Seagal with facilitating meetings for a congressional delegation that visited Russian Federation in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings to investigate the suspects' backgrounds and discuss intelligence sharing issues.

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