Prepare for sub-tropical Storm Ernesto

Pablo Tucker
August 17, 2018

The remnants of the storm will hit Connacht around 6pm on Saturday night and will reach the east coast by around midnight.

Despite being the tail end of a tropical storm, Ernesto will still bring stormy conditions to the UK.

The subtropical storm recently formed over the north Atlantic and is set to reach Ireland on Saturday evening.

Tropical Storm Ernesto is set to bring wet and windy conditions to the United Kingdom when it hits the British Isles this weekend.

Maximum sustained winds have been measured at 45mph, with higher gusts.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge told HuffPost UK: "Ernesto is moving quickly towards the UK, but it will be degrading as the sea-surface temperatures are only 21°C and can not support a tropical storm and it will transition to a fairly low-key mid-latitude low-pressure system".

Downpours are expected to start overnight, continuing until Sunday, and the National Hurricane Center now predicts wind speeds could reach 40mph.

"In north-west England and Northern Ireland, rain sets in here during the afternoon and the winds pick up, so it's going to feel cool".

Then, as it merges with a frontal zone on Saturday, the storm will become extratropical.

There will be little change in the strength of the storm in the next few hours, however, tonight Ernesto is predicted to become a post-tropical cyclone.

"That rain will eventually move straight into Northern Ireland, pushing into Scotland, north-west England and north-west Wales". Weather conditions "heading into midweek will obviously depend greatly on the eventual track, intensity and size of Lane", the forecasters wrote.

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