Mike Pence expected to announce plans for ‘Space Force’ in U.S

Cheryl Sanders
August 9, 2018

The debate is over.

Each of the six proposed logos includes the phrase "Space Force", except for one that states "Mars Awaits" even though the administration's proposal focuses on defense and not space exploration.

The Pentagon is moving toward fulfilling President Trump's request to establish a Space Force, in what would be the first new branch of the military in more than 70 years. It was only seven weeks ago that President Trump directed DoD to begin the process.

In addition to a Space Operations Command, Pence described plans for a Space Development Agency that would harness innovation in the field and deter bureaucratic drag. "Space is essential to the nation's security and prosperity".

The Trump administration aims to have the Space Force up and running by 2020, Pence said.

Pence argued that the United States did not start this arms race.

"America will always seek peace, in space as on earth", Pence said.

Pence acknowledged that creating a new branch "is not simple process".

Any plan by the White House to create a new military service would need congressional action. The Space Force would initially be led by a civilian who would report directly to the Secretary of Defense, Pence said. "However, going forward there probably will need to be an increase in resources to buy improved capabilities and more warfighters as the Space Force matures". It wants to know if the addition of Space Force will require the Pentagon to become a six-sided Hexagon instead. "Under President Trump's leadership we will meet it head on".

"There is a threat out there but it's being handled by the U.S. Air Force today".

The Pentagon's existing military branches are: the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force.

I camped out for Star Wars Episode 1 tickets for two days and now that Space Force is a thing I qualify for the GI Bill. Posing unprecedented new dangers to our space systems.

Since then, the White House has continued to press for a Space Force, giving the plan momentum and the weight of the executive branch.

But with Russian Federation and China developing weapons that threaten US satellites and investing in hypersonic technology, Pence said the nation could not afford inaction. "But we can do this within the U.S. Air Force". We'll work it through the Congress.

The report calls for the creation of a new major unified Combatant Command called US Space Command, which would be akin to the operational commands that oversee US troops in the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific. U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis threw his support behind that idea on Tuesday.

The Space Force would be responsible for a range of crucial space-based US military capabilities, which include everything from satellites enabling the Global Positioning System (GPS) to sensors that help track missile launches.

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