Meghan Markle's father lied to Prince Harry about paparazzi photos

Carla Harmon
August 14, 2018

After vowing to never speak to the press again, Meghan Markle's father has done just that.

The situation between the new Duchess of Sussex and her father Thomas Markle continues to play out in the press.

Although he really want to talk to his daughter - having not spoken since the wedding - Meghan has reportedly chose to spend time and space away from him after his interviews. "She also wants to take a bit of time out".

The disgruntled dad previously told the Daily Mail that his daughter, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, has completely cut him out of her life.

Kensington Palace has not commented on Thomas Markle's statements.

Over the weekend, Markle again gave a series of interviews to The Mail on Sunday which are at least as personal as revealing as what came before.

Markle said while he did not disagree with what the prince had to say, he thought his timing was "rude".

Meghan Markle might have claimed that she didn't "know much about" Prince Harry before she was set up with him on a blind date. Instead, he told the prince he was being "measured for a hoodie".

Doria was the only member of Meghan's family who was present at her wedding to Prince Harry back in May.

Big Tom admits that he lied to Prince Harry about having co-operated with the paparazzi pre-wedding. Thomas Markle Jr told the Mirror on Saturday that Meghan's reported silence was "selfish, cruel even", while Samantha Markle said Meghan's "diplomacy skills suck and are inhumane". "I think she will be going as soon as possible", a friend of Ragland's, who of course could not be named, apparently told Express. That it would end in tears. "He said, 'They will eat you alive, '" Thomas says. The photos made £100,000 for the photographer and a smaller amount for Mr Markle. Thomas also claims he hung up on Harry during a phone call. So - which is it Mr. Markle? Not long after that he suffered a heart attack and was unable to travel to England to attend the couple's wedding.

"Although Markle now says that Harry was right to criticize him for taking money from the paparazzi, at the time he told the Prince, "'Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead... then you could pretend to be sad.' Then I hung up". "Right now Meghan absolutely has no plans to see her father and [Meghan and Harry] are about to head off to Balmoral for a short summer break". 'That hurt, ' he said.

"She has gone through periods of difficulty with her father in the past, but she does love him", the source says. But as for the rest of it, f*** it.

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