Mars makes closest approach to Earth in 15 years

Pablo Tucker
August 1, 2018

The MailOnline reported that Mars is already brighter than usual and will shine even more- and appear bigger - as Tuesday nears.

The fourth planet from the Sun will come within 35.8 million miles of us tonight - which might not sound "close" in human terms, but is a stone's throw by galactic standards.

The last time it came so close was on August 28, 2003, when it was within 55.76 million kilometres of Earth, according to EarthSky - and that was the closest it had been in nearly 60,000 years.

The red planet is making its closest approach to Earth in 15 years.

The best view of Mars happened early Tuesday morning, but you can still see it Tuesday night, from anywhere in the world, if you simply look up.

Mars gets closest to Earth; date and time, how to watch, what to expect: Mars will be at its closest distance to the Earth during an Opposition phase, a phenomenon that occurs about once in every 15 years.

This year's Mars comes closer to Earth approach is not a record-breaker.

A map of the sky that shows Mars and Saturn, as they can be seen from NY on July 31 at 11 pm.

NASA and its partners are holding a $2.5 million competition to build a 3D printed habitat for deep space exploration, including the agency's journey to Mars. The two planets will be just 57.6 million kilometres apart.

Observatories across the USA are hosting Mars-viewing events right now.

On the evening of July 31, and the planet will be seen rising from the Gemini constellation in India and you will be able to see it with the naked eye. According to estimates of NASA, similar phenomena will not take place again till the year 2287.

If the weather co-operates tonight - and it's not looking very good right now - the planet will easy to spot. Earth and Mars have oval shaped orbits, like all other planets. To view specific details of Mars' surface, stargazers can view the planet through a telescope.

Although people viewing Mars from low latitudes and from the Southern Hemisphere will have the clearest view of the the Red Planet, Mars will be visible worldwide.

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