House GOP Planning to Remove Rep. Hunter From Committees

Cheryl Sanders
August 24, 2018

The House Ethics Committee had investigated allegations that Hunter improperly used campaign funds to pay for tens of thousands of dollars in personal expenses. Margaret Hunter's lawyer, Thomas McNamara, did not immediately respond to phone and email messages Friday seeking comment. In the Fox interview, Hunter said his wife has long handled the finances, and worked as his campaign manager.

Hunter told Martha MacCallum in an interview on FOX News' The Story. "We're going to fight it out, we're going to win and we're going to win the election".

Prosecutors claim that he purchased Hawaiian shorts at a country club so it "could be falsely reported to the treasurer as "balls for the wounded warriors", in a reference to a charity for USA veterans. They allegedly described the payment of their family dental bills as a charitable contribution to "Smiles For Life", and tickets to see "Riverdance" at the San Diego Civic Theater as "San Diego Civic Center for Republican Women Federated/Fundraising".

"My campaign did make mistakes", Hunter said.

In a 48-page indictment unsealed on Tuesday federal prosecutors allege that the congressman and his wife Margaret spent over $250,000 (£194,000) with their campaign credit card after draining their own personal banking accounts.

In the strongly Republican district, "Hunter is probably still the favorite, but not as overwhelmingly as he was before", he added.

When the base denied the request for the certain days, Hunter said, "tell the Navy to go f*** themselves".

In April 2015, Margaret Hunter spent almost $1,000 in campaign funds to fly her mother and her mother's boyfriend to Poland and later told the campaign treasurer they were campaign trips to New Orleans and Kentucky, according to the court documents.

"Elected representatives should jealously guard the public's trust, not abuse their positions for personal gain", U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman said in a statement.

"One of the pillars of our country since its founding is that those tasked with enforcing the law would do so in an unbiased manner, allowing evidence to dictate how cases should run, with nothing impeding the rule of law".

There was "politically motivated" pressure to wrap up the investigation to tarnish Hunter before the general election after he handily won the June primary, Vega said.

In response, Hunter said, "I would say that's my socialist Democrat opponent, and that's what socialist Democrat opponents say".

Hunter, 41, was among the first congressmen to publicly support Donald Trump as his party's presidential nominee, and made his endorsement known to Politico the same day that Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., told the Buffalo News that Trump had his backing.

Hunter and Rep. Chris Collins of NY endorsed Donald Trump in February, among the first elected officials to do so when the outsider candidate's nomination was far from certain.

After the arraignment, demonstrators holding signs that read "Duncan Hunter Ethics and Integrity Matter" and "Crooked Duncan Hunter" followed him as he walked to a pickup truck.

The Hunters spent $3,300 at fast-food establishments like In N Out, Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box, Panda Express, Rubio's, Menchies Frozen Yogurt among others.

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