Google Maps location sharing now adds phone`s battery life

Yolanda Curtis
August 6, 2018

Although around since February of this year, a new feature is nearly unknown to most of the frequent Google maps users till date.

The figure is updated when location itself is updated, and appears to be a direct reflection of the battery level shown on the user's phone.

Google is now rolling out a new feature for Maps.

Parents who have kids share their location with them during transit times to and from school or a friend's home will find the battery life feature useful. They would then know that the battery simply died, rather than something nefarious happening.

It also gave people the ability to call or text each other from inside the app. There won't be as much cause for concern when they don't respond at all because the receiver will be able to rest easy knowing it could just be because the sender's phone finally run out of battery.

The feature is now rolling out globally to Google Maps for both Android and iOS. The previous implementation was less accurate, however. Now, it's much more precise, and it also displays a charging icon as well. Location sharing is a very helpful pre-embedded feature.

A quick test confirmed that the shared location displayed the phone's battery life accurately. Krish Vitaldevara, Google Maps' Head of Product, said, "The goal is for drivers to read through the directions first to help memorise the path before they start navigating, especially since these countries tend to contain roads and alleyways without actual names".

What's more, you can twist it and turn it and revolve it in any direction so you can see just how close Alaska - on the Western-most point of the map - is to Russian Federation on the East.

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