First West Nile Virus case reported in Merced County. Experts urge precautions

Henrietta Brewer
August 16, 2018

Some things residents can do to curb the virus is make sure to drain any standing water on the property and make sure screen doors are in good condition.

Most people who get West Nile Virus don't experience any symptoms, and those who get Zika only experience mild symptoms. "Protect yourself and your family".

"Although the mosquito surveillance programs in the Hampton Roads area are seeing more WNV positive mosquitoes than usual, that does not always translate into human cases", said David Gaines, public health entomologist with the Virginia Department of Health.

No cases of West Nile have been reported yet in Kent County in 2018.

With the threat that people are now at an increased risk of being bitten by a West Nile-carrying mosquito, Gruener said another odd disturbance has been occurring throughout the county, especially in Hackettstown: dead birds.

The West Nile Virus has also been detected in seven sentinel chickens and four mosquito samples, the release states.

In July, a mosquito trapped in Mansfield tested positive for the virus.

Hall says late summer is when most West Nile cases are reported.

Experts say best way to avoid West Nile is to avoid being bitten: Wear loose-fitting, light colored, trousers and long sleeves; be outside at dusk and at dawn as little as possible, since that's when mosquitoes are most active; use an approved mosquito repellent; and eliminate breeding sites around your home, including anything in which water can pool.

While West Nile virus is rarely fatal or even serious, with 80 percent not even developing symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in five will exhibit some sort of symptoms.

"Most people infected with the virus have no symptoms at all, or they have flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches and fatigue", Public Health officials stated.

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