Dota 2 : 'Artificial intelligence' makes a record by defeating human players

Yolanda Curtis
August 10, 2018

The OpenAI Five also played roughly 180 years worth of gameplay every day through reinforcement learning, which allowed the bots to develop advanced skills for the game.

The humans did eventually manage to grab game three from the bots but the damage was done. Despite the wealth of experience on the team, the humans could do little against the never-ending onslaught and precision of OpenAI, and they quickly lost in humiliating fashion. In game two, the AI wasn't as confident, giving itself a 76 percent chance to win.

The bot technology of OpenAI has reached a point where it can now destroy a team of highly skilled, former professional, Dota 2 players - in a match that wasn't even close. We know that this is a machine that is tasked with being incredible at Dota 2 but you really need to see just how good it is to understand why my jaw is permanently on the floor. "You have imperfect information, you have team work, you have these exponential combinations of different heroes and items, and you have to be able to deal with all of that".

In preparation this year's Valve International 8 later this month has an OpenAI Five Benchmark match was held in San Francisco on August 5th. Even the, AlphaZero achieved a superhuman level of play in the games of chess, shogi and Go within 24 hours.

In front of 100,000 live-streamers, the bot team easily took out the best-of-three tournament, winning the first game in 21.5 minutes and the second in just under 25 (evenly matched games generally take around 45 minutes).

That being said, it should be noted that on the OpenAI's website, they admitted that the game was not your standard DotA 2 game as there had to be certain modifications made to how the game was run.

Team Human did squeeze out a win in the third match, but not without some strings attached.

Given that OpenAI Five had already won, for game 3 the audience was invited to draft OpenAI Five's heros and chose an adversarial lineup that was described as "fairly Looney-Tunes".

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