Confidential Mode comes to Gmail Android app

Yolanda Curtis
August 17, 2018

Earlier this year Google rolled out a significant update to their Gmail platform. Some of the features, like the refreshed interface on the web, were available right away with other new features coming later. The company today launched Confidential Mode for emails on Gmail, letting users protect the emails they send.

This way you will be able to configure your email to the Confidential Mode. Another functionality of the confidential mode is the ability to restrict the recipient from copying, forwarding or downloading the email for further use. While it's been live on the desktop for Gmail, it's not been active in the Android app...until now. There's a new option in the overflow menu at the top called "Confidential mode". Passcodes can either be through a separate email (users not using Gmail) or through an SMS (just keep in mind to enter their mobile # when you turn it on).

While confidential mode is undoubtedly a more secure way to send sensitive information such as a photo of your driver's license or private documents, Google can't stop a recipient from simply taking a screenshot of their screen once they open the email. As the name suggests, the new feature allows you to send and receive "confidential" emails - so what does that mean? Google also notes users who may be infected with malicious programs that are intercepting or collecting emails may get access to these messages as well.

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