Brady Ends WEEI Interview Abruptly After Questions About Guerrero

Ross Houston
August 28, 2018

"[Guerrero] was with me this last week", Brady said when asked about Guerrero being on the team's plane recently.

This is not the first time Brady ended an interaction with the media over questions relating to Guerrero - he left a session with reporters when he was asked a "ridiculous" question about Guerrero relating to the four-game suspension that Julian Edelman was with this offseason.

Brady stated that Guerrero was with him last week but when asked about why he was allowed with the team, Brady said he was "not getting into all that".

Tom responded, "Yeah, he was with me this last week, so it was; yeah".

Guerrero's status with the team seems to be different this season, but the team's policy on keeping certain topics within the organization seems to be the same. "We have other people who are - some are full-time, some are let's call it gameday-type employees because of just higher demands of certain areas on gameday". What led that to being able to happen this year?

"See you guys", Brady said.

"Everyone knows, it is well-documented the work he and I do together", he said. Would you say that was true?

The NFL in Dangerous Times, Leibovich offers insights from sources with inside knowledge of the situation that suggest quarterback Tom Brady is sick of the Patriot Way.

"Yeah, alright guys. Have a great day".

Minihane: "No, I know. I'll talk to you later" before hanging up. According to ESPN, Guerrero used to be considered a regular member of the team's traveling party; however, this reportedly changed at some point during 2017.

When Minihane asked if Guerrero was on the sidelines during the Patriots' preseason game on Friday, Brady replied, "Yeah".

Welp, he clearly didn't want to get into it. Questions like this, though, clearly aren't going to stop.

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