Amazon is reportedly working on a new DVR

Carla Harmon
August 18, 2018

The online retailer is developing a new digital video recorder, nicknamed "Frank" within Amazon, according to a report Friday from Bloomberg. Its Fire TV already streams live content to the Amazon Channels service but can not store the video. It didn't respond immediately to a request for comment from Fortune.

Users will be able to record live TV and stream the video to a smartphone or TV so it can be watched later.

Boxes made by TiVo and Dish Network offer similar functionality, but Amazon's huge presence combined with Alexa smart speakers could make Frank DVR a huge success if it launches.

Inside Amazon's labs the project goes by the name of Frank.

Amazon is reportedly working on a recording device that would mesh with its Fire TV service.

Amazon is looking to dominate your home entertainment system. This would work in accord with the Fire TV live streaming content channel as well, most likely. Right now, Amazon sells Fire TV sets built by Toshiba Corp. and Westinghouse, and is seeking more manufacturing partners to better compete with Roku Inc., which features its software in many TV models.

There has been rumors of a possible Amazon DVR option for their Fire TVs.

Amazon wants to occupy living rooms through its devices and services.

As well as recording shows and movies, the upcoming box will also be able to then send that content to smartphones and other devices, the report says - putting it in competition with the likes of Sling TV and TiVo.

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