Woman, mechanic die while having sex in vehicle inside garage

Cheryl Sanders
July 14, 2018

A married woman and her mechanic lover reportedly died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in a parking garage, according to a police source.

Tameka Hargrave's husband found her body in the garage on Monday, July 9, 2018. They say the two were having sex in a auto in the garage when they were both killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

'And pretty much I had to call 911, because at this time, with that level of emissions, I knew that they were gone'. Upon their arrival, officers observed a man and woman in a running vehicle that was inside a closed garage. They believe the deaths were an accident.

Police have not released the names of the victims nor any specific details on how the deaths occurred, NJ.com reported.

The incident happened this week in New Jersey, with reports saying that 39-year-old Tameka Hargrave was having sex with a 56-year-old mechanic.

Johnson was reportedly paying for work done on her vehicle by having sex with the mechanic, but police would not confirm that information. The way he sees it, it's the fault of whoever build the apartment complex because they didn't install proper alarms. I want her to see me graduate high school. I can't do that, ' she said.

'They have cameras and stuff. We could have stopped this right here.

"Basically she died because of carbon monoxide", Johnson said, according to Fox News.

Johnson blamed the deaths on carbon monoxide poisoning.

Johnson is blaming the apartment complex for not having adequate Carbon dioxide alarm systems.

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