Woman live tweets blossoming romance on Dallas-bound flight

Yolanda Curtis
July 6, 2018

Okay, they might be a sweet old lady who chats to you about her garden, or a couple who keeps the PDA to a minimum and let you have the window seat, but how often do you seriously like them?

Holden, the brother of former US men's national team midfielder Stuart Holden, played for professional clubs in Denmark and England until 2014.

The Internet's excitement began brewing early Tuesday when U.S. actress and photographer Rosey Blair took to Twitter to share that she had switched seats on an Alaska Airlines flight to Dallas, Texas so that she could sit with her boyfriend.

Would the simple seat swap turn into a mid-air "meet cute"?

Dallas resident, Rosey Blair had Twitter lingering with suspense this week as she documented a random love connection she had a hand in creating. She said she heard the man and woman say "they're both personal trainers", and later added that the man used to play professional soccer.

The entire thread is filled with update after update about two strangers who were forced to sit next to one another on a plane.

She also notes that neither of them are wearing a wedding ring - a good sign for their potential relationship.

Thanks to Blair we know the two shared a cheese protein board, exchanged photos of each other's family, both are into fitness and followed each other on social media. He said their time together "made the flight go by very fast".

"He sat down next to her and my boyfriend and I began squirming with delight, elbowing one another", said Rosey. After some internet sleuthing, Rosey's boyfriend - a top class stalker by the sound of it - found the pair's Instagram accounts, and discovered that they were both single and both based in Dallas, Texas.

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