Trump's UK Visit Begins As President Lands At Stansted Airport

Cheryl Sanders
July 12, 2018

In the morning he will visit a defence site with May to watch a demonstration of the UK's military capabilities and "integrated USA military training" before the pair travel to Chequers - the prime minister's country residence in Buckinghamshire - for bilateral talks.

His visit is expected to be met with a number of protests in various cities including London - where the 19-foot Trump balloon is expected to fly over Parliament on Friday.

Britain "is in somewhat turmoil", Trump said before departing Washington, remarking that dealing with Putin might surprisingly be the easiest part of the European trip.

Police sources in the United Kingdom told The Guardian that the police mobilization for Trump's visit will be the largest since the 2011 English riots.

Asked about Trump's comments, May said: "We're delivering on the vote of the British people to take back control of our money, our laws and our borders".

Trump also tweeted about former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, praising him and saying that "many people" would like to see him become the British ambassador to the United States.

The divisive American leader, arriving after a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, will be largely away from London during a tour expected to bring at least tens of thousands of people onto British streets. The lawmakers even had the support of an online petition signed by almost 2 million people wanting May to avoid the US's company over Trump's executive order on immigration.

The reason: demonstrations are planned against President Donald Trump, in London, as well as Windsor, Bristol, Newcastle, Leeds, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow and the west coast of Scotland, where Trump has a golf course.

British law requires any petition supported by more than 100,000 people to be considered for parliamentary debate, even though there was no serious attempt to prohibit Trump from entering Britain.

She said: "There is no stronger alliance than that of our special relationship with the USA and there will be no alliance more important in the years ahead".

May contacted Trump days after he was inaugurated, extending the invitation for a coveted state visit that would be hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, but that gesture has proved far more controversial than expected as Trump has shown little interest in maintaining "diplomacy as usual" with European allies.

Trump will spend Thursday night in London at Winfield House, the official residence of U.S. Ambassador to Britain Robert "Woody" Johnson.

After Khan was elected as London's first Muslim mayor in 2016, he frequently criticized Trump and described his views of Islam as ignorant.

The pair will then travel to Chequers, the Prime Minister's country residence, for what is being billed as "substantive bilateral talks on a range of foreign policy issues" during a working lunch.

A small demonstration is expected to take place near Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire on Thursday, the venue for Trump's black-tie dinner with May on Thursday evening.

Russia, Brexit and the Middle East are set to top the agenda.

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