Trump says his awkwardly capitalized tweets are no mistake

Cheryl Sanders
July 7, 2018

"I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalized!". Take that, Stephen Colbert.

Donald Trump's tweet boasts about his "best selling books" and his ability to write - and it includes a typo.

The original tweet was changed after two hours, presumably after someone in Trump's team looked in a dictionary for the spelling of "pore".

The Harry Potter author laughed uncontrollably in a series of tweets on Tuesday, July 3, in response to the 72-year-old president's since-deleted and later-corrected missive. The internet had screenshots of the mistake and they were not about to let it go.

Although, he altered the original tweet, it's unlikely that Trump's writing style or his claims about being a best-selling author will change.

"The Washington Post is constantly quoting "anonymous sources" that do not exist", tweeted the president.

And Donald Trump proves once again that he is the master of irony and self-awareness.

Merriam-Webster also poked fun at Trump's mistake, tweeting definitions of "pore over': "to read or study very carefully, ' and "pour over': "to make expensive coffee". Case in point: President Trump's tweet bragging about how he wrote "many best selling books" and how he prides himself on his "ability to write".

Rowling has often criticised Trump on Twitter in the past, once writing "Voldemort was nowhere near as bad" when a publication compared Trump to the Dark Lord. The president swiftly deleted the tweet and reposted it with the correct use of the word pore.

Other Twitter users pointed out the glaring mistake, including filmmaker and author James Gunn and Merriam-Webster Dictionary's official account. "He is incapable of reading a book, much less writing one", he responded to the President's claim.

So when Trump tweeted to boast about his "ability to write" on Tuewsday, Rowling couldn't help but howl in laughter.

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