Tory MP urges vote of no confidence in Theresa May over Brexit

Andrew Cummings
July 19, 2018

The prime minister insisted she was confident Britain had enough time to negotiate a deal with the European Union before leaving in March next year, and denied suggestions that Britain was moving closer to a "no-deal" Brexit.

But he insisted: "It is not too late to save Brexit".

She told the liaison committee: "You ask me about the fact that I have said "no deal is better than a bad deal".

But he said a needless fog of uncertainty had descended on the proposals May had mapped out as the future trade deal once Britain ended its membership of the European Union.

Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson implored fellow lawmakers not to abandon BREXIT urging them to remember the initial enthusiasm for a sharp break from the EU. "We should not and need not be stampeded by anyone", Johnson said.

At the time Johnson was delivering the speech, May was being subjected to a forensic cross-examination by the influential Liason Committee of MPs who grilled her about Brexit among other topics.

Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary last week in protest against Theresa May's Brexit plans, throwing the Cabinet into further chaos and raising the prospect of a leadership challenge against the prime minister. Under the new United Kingdom trade bill, as things now stand, MPs in the Commons would only have the power to continually delay the passing of a trade treaty, but not veto or amend it.

"These nonsenses of threatening general elections and votes of confidence in the prime minister and as I actually said to the deputy chief whip "bring it on" because I shall be the first in the queue to give my vote of full confidence in the prime minister", she said.

“In important ways this is BINO or Brino or Brexit in name only, ” Mr. Johnson told the House, adding that he was “of course unable to support it.”.

May narrowly avoided a defeat in parliament at the hands of the pro-EU lawmakers from her own party in Tuesday's vote, helped by four opposition Labour lawmakers who went against their party to support the government.

Defeat for the Prime Minister would mean an election to choose a new leader, in which she would not be allowed to stand.

'Instead, we dithered and we burned through our negotiating capital.

"We must try now because we will not get a chance again".

The former mayor of London listed a series of compromises he said had been made since Lancaster House, including the £40bn payment agreed as part of the withdrawal agreement, the continued oversight of the European court of justice over some issues, and the "common rulebook" for key industries.

There was little respite for May after spending two days defending her Brexit legislation program in the Commons on Monday and Tuesday, winning her crucial trade and customs bills by narrow margins.

In a letter to his constituents, Mr Davies said the Chequers plan on trade is "unacceptable" and revealed he was concerned that proposals to give European Union citizens preferential immigration status for work and study "will go too far".

A Conservative MP has turned on his Prime Minister - Conservative leader Theresa May, submitting a "no confidence" letter.

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