Stormy Daniels arrested at strip club, charged with sex offenses

Carla Harmon
July 12, 2018

Mr Avenatti said she would plead not guilty to all counts. Well, it's complicated - and stranger than fiction.

There's still some confusion about what exactly happened inside the Sirens Gentleman's Club in Columbus, Ohio last night. In Stormy's mug shot, which you can see below, the gorgeous stripper/porn star looks calm and poised.

An Ohio strip club law prohibits patrons from touching a nude or seminude dancer unless the patron is a member of the dancer's immediate family. That includes in the club or even in the club's parking lot.

Daniels planned to be in Columbus Wednesday and Thursday as part of a nationwide tour, Avenatti said.

Police say after observing these interactions, two detectives and one officer approached the stage, at which point Daniels allegedly performed similar acts on them. "Keckley's head and began smacking her face with her bare breasts and holding her face between her breasts against her chest", the documents said. She also reportedly touched several female customers' breasts. It is unclear if the officers were in uniform during the performance.

"It reeks of desperation", Avenatti tweeted. "It's absurd that law enforcement resources are being spent to conduct a sting operation related to customers touching performers in a strip club in a non-sexual manner". He vowed to fight the "bogus charges", even suggesting there are "higher priorities" at stake for the police. A person who answered the phone at the club declined to comment. Daniels was charged with three misdemeanor sex offenses for touching undercover police officers during her routine, and her attorney had some...interesting insight into their, shall we say, "investigation" of his client. Her initial lawsuit against Trump was for not signing their initial "hush agreement", and she insisted she only wanted to speak out about her affair, and so was attempting to find a way that would legally protect her in doing so.

Following her apparent arrest, Avenatti tweeted that he expected Daniels to shortly be released on bail.

Daniels has been entrenched in a legal controversy with Trump over their alleged 2006 encounter, which he has repeatedly denied.

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