Q by Aston Martin drops V-8 into Cygnet city vehicle

Yolanda Curtis
July 15, 2018

The Aston Martin Cygnet is back - and with a vengeance.

Despite it being priced at at roughly three times as much as the Toyota was, Aston Martin still predicted sales of around 4,000 per year.

Meet the Aston Martin V8 Cygnet - the incredible dream of one customer made real by the British firm's "Q" commission service.

Q by Aston Martin drops V-8 into Cygnet city vehicle

The cool thing about the V8 Cygnet is that it remains recognizable as a Cygnet from the outside, with the front end largely untouched. 'It is also a fine example of the engineering talent within the company as it's no small achievement to fit the Vantage's V8 engine so harmoniously into the Cygnet's compact body'. Connected to the engine is the same seven-speed automated manual gearbox, powering the rear wheels by what Aston Martin calls a "very short torque tube".

To ensure the Cygnet can make the most of newfound performance, the engineers swapped the tiny rear tires of the stock model with a pair of 275/35-size tires wrapped around 19-inch wheels.

This Frankenstein "Super Cygnet" conversion has taken its toll on the pint-sized city car's weight.

Aston's bespoke division has shoehorned a 4.7-liter naturally aspirated V8 into the engine bay of the city auto, with the result being a power-to-weight ratio of 313 bhp/tonne and a 50:50 weight distribution - the flawless ingredients for bonkers performance. Rather terrifying stats for what is essentially a boxy city crawler, don't you think?

The company Aston Martin presented at the Festival at Goodwood a heavy duty version of the hatchback Cygnet, have received 430-horsepower engine from a sports vehicle Vantage S. the auto Also features rear-wheel drive. Better squint hard when you watch it on screen.

Subframes, suspension and big disc brakes, six-piston up front with bright yellow calipers, are also derived from the Vantage.

Aston Martin vice president and Special Operations officer David King said the model, which is claimed to have a flawless 50:50 weight distribution, illustrates the brand's "fun side". A new intake was designed with twin air filters.

"I am sure that it will amaze and thrill people when they see and hear it on the hill at the Festival of Speed". The steering wheel is removable, and the dash uses a Vantage instrument cluster.

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