Putin is preparing a deal Trump can tout after summit

Cheryl Sanders
July 10, 2018

Thousands of cheering and flag-waving Russian fans thanked their disappointed players on Sunday (July 8) after the host nation's fairy-tale World Cup run came to a crushing end with a shootout loss to Croatia.

Trump has denied that his campaign colluded with Russian Federation and has repeated that Putin has denied involvement in the United States electoral process.

Coach Stanislav Cherchesov led his team onto a stage to a heroes' welcome in a Moscow fan zone on a sunny day that was meant to put a patriotic exclamation point on Russia's ability to beat the odds. Mr. Trump said then that the continued focus on election meddling was "insulting" to Mr. Putin, and called the special counsel investigation about it a Democratic "hit job" that was hindering progress between the two countries on other issues.

"Let's not forecast too far ahead".

The national team have been gaining followers and drawing increasing political attention from government leaders with every win.

"While the tournament is still going on we see the team who was, theoretically, one of the best - Spain - have packed and gone home already". "We felt your support from the first second".

In a telephonic interaction with the reporters ahead of the meet, the USA envoy, however, tried to keep the deliverables from the summit to "low expectations" and stated that the meeting itself was a major deliverable.

He world cup may not resolve Russia's economic concerns but it has certainly gave it a positive image, something that the "undemocratic" Putin administration will make full use of in its future worldwide dealings.

Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny, who has served several jail sentences for allegedly organising protests against the Kremlin, also praised the team's effort.

He added: "You may be surprised but I try to get as much information as possible in football". If they trusted us or not, we trusted ourselves.

We do however, have a reasonable idea of the issues the two leaders and their aides will have mapped out before the meeting: the areas where they each want something from their counterpart, and the places they are willing to give ground.

"We said we can only prove our worth by working hard - I believe not only did people start to trust us, but the entire country of Russian Federation is in love with us, they know what the national team is worth". They have fallen in love with us. Criticism is good but I believe we should have our eyes and ears open.

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