Papa John Founder Offers Horrible Excuse For Why He Used N Word

Andrew Cummings
July 18, 2018

The suspensions by teams like the Falcons and Seahawks ultimately may be temporary, with relationships resuming once the dust settles on recent events that resulted in company founder John Schnatter being excommunicated from the company.

Schnatter has since attempted to claim that he was pressured into using the racial slur as part of a public relations exercise with senior staff, created to keep him from using controversial language. In a statement to the media, Schnatter took responsibility for his comments, saying "regardless of the context, I apologize ..." for using "inappropriate and hurtful" language.

The site's "About Us" section also no longer includes a section called "Our Story" which described Schnatter's founding of the company in Jeffersonville, Indiana in the mid-1980s. "Therefore, we will be continuing the important work of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise, but neither the Gatton College of Business and Economics nor the Institute will recognize Mr. Schnatter in any way".

In another interview with WLKY (see it above), Schnatter accused the marketing agency of trying to blackmail him after he was "pushed" to use the N-word.

The Mets, New York's National League franchise, said in a statement that Schnatter's 'highly offensive comments. are completely inconsistent with our values'.

In many instances, institution leaders know they can't afford to turn away major gifts, and most don't have the human resources to vet every would-be donor's past, even if they could afford to be selective. "I'm like, 'I'm not paying you $6M, '" he told the radio station. So, I'm not for sale. They can take the six million and whatever, they're not getting it, so, yeah they tried to extort us and we held firm. If you must, peep the full interview here.

He said the company plans to retain an independent expert to audit policies regarding to diversity, inclusion, supplier engagement and the company's culture.

"Racism and any insensitive language, no matter what the context simply can not - and will not - be tolerated at any level of our company", the letter said.

As well as the fact that taking a public pro-Papa John's stance-with your wallet nonetheless-was just another way to tacitly endorse racism. Papa John's used that deal to promote several offers, including a "Papa Slam" that gave customers 40% off online orders if a player hit a grand slam.

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