Netflix just added a 'Smart Downloads' feature for mobile users (NFLX)

Yolanda Curtis
July 10, 2018

After you watch that episode, Netflix will continue the trend. "Today, downloads is a manual process - you have to download [TV episodes] one at a time, then delete them".

Downloading Netflix shows for offline viewing is going to get a little easier. When they're through, they'll delete the episodes to make space on their devices and download a few more.

However, it's first available only on Android devices. Stocking up on a full season of a show will still need to be done manually if you need to keep them on-hand, but those who just watch an episode or two on public transportation will likely find this new feature to be quite convenient.

Smart downloads are one-for-one. Unfortunately, iOS users won't see the new feature for a while, with Netflix giving the timeframe for iPhones and iPads of "sometime later this year". It doesn't use any more storage than the last episode you watched and saves you having to delete old episodes before you can download more.

Netflix is figuring out how to make TV work on your smartphone, where downloading a TV show can mean less room for selfies or devour your data plan. In the "My Downloads" section, users must select Smart Downloads and toggle it on or off. Users will also be able to toggle the feature from the App Settings by tapping the Menu icon and selecting App Settings.

The video-streaming giant finally caved to pressure back in 2016 when it allowed subscribers to download some movies and TV shows to watch offline. However, this has been a limited trial for a small percentage of users across the globe, with the feature rolling out universally for all Netflix users on the Android platform from today.

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