Montenegro, replying to Trump, says it contributes to peace in Europe

Montenegro, replying to Trump, says it contributes to peace in Europe

Cheryl Sanders
July 22, 2018

Standing on stage with the man accused of complicity in an attack on the very bedrock of American democracy, Trump said his intelligence people "think it's Russian Federation".

Montenegro said it cherishes its strong friendship with the United States and insisted it is a peaceful partner after President Donald Trump described the country as a potential threat to world peace. "I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be".

"I'm absolutely confident that the foundations of that are as strong as they have ever been", Ms Payne said. The alliance outlived the Cold War, however, and in the decades since, it has extended membership to a number of former communist states. Although Montenegro was added to the alliance previous year, the US president suggested that the USA will not feel obligated to step in and protect the small nation if it went to war with, say, Russia.

Asked if her confidence in the USA alliance had been shaken by Mr Trump's visits to NATO, Helsinki and in the washup, Ms Payne pointed out that she and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop would be on the United States west coast next week to meet their U.S. counterparts. As it happens, Article 5 has only been ratified once - after the 9/11 attacks - in NATO's history. They only have to defend that country if it actually gets attacked. This is in many ways a good deal for Montenegro, which has a standing army of just a couple thousand people and is roughly the size of CT. "Foreign policy is not his big thing", Krivokapic said.

If Montenegro, a country with just over 620,000 people, became aggressive and started a war with Russian Federation, they could not invoke Article 5 and require United States involvement.

Infuriated that the west should encroach on areas long viewed as falling within its own sphere of influence, Moscow reacted with barely concealed fury, going so far as to support a coup in 2016 against the government of then prime minister, Milo Đukanović.

But Montenegrin officials insist Trump has nothing to worry about.

"The president must appreciate that Russian Federation is not our ally".

Of course, Article 5 only works if aggressor nations (specifically Russia) believe that the really serious about it. He also went after his Justice Department, calling its investigation into Russia's efforts and potential collusion with Trump's campaign a "disaster for our country". But given his controversially warm attitude towards Putin as of late, experts are questioning whether Trump is merely saber-rattling or could truly do away with a decades-old cornerstone of worldwide relations.

"But in terms of other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries who have not met that 2 per cent target or don't even have a plan to meet that target, he has a point".

There's nothing authoritarian Russian Federation wants more than to see a divided Europe, and for the USA to retreat from the region. "Get ready, Russia, because (American missiles) will be coming, nice and new and smart!" he tweeted over a transient crisis in Syria three months ago. It was founded in 1949 to contain the military threat from the Soviet Union.

Still, experts often worry about the Baltic states, and Estonia in particular, as one day becoming the victim of Russian aggression due to their small size and proximity to major Russian ports and cities like St. Petersburg.

In that case, would it be reasonable to go to their defense, a Fox News journalist asked the president.

"Let's leave Trump alone", Markovic told a lawmaker who asked him during a parliamentary session Wednesday whether the country of 620,000 should worry about the USA commitment to its defense.

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