Mexican president-elect reaches out to Trump, seeks NAFTA deal

Andrew Cummings
July 4, 2018

The peso extended gains after Lopez Obrador's rivals conceded defeat, strengthening around 1 percent against the US dollar and leading gains among major currencies.

But on Monday, Lopez Obrador told Milenio TV Mexico will seek to remain in NAFTA and that he respects the existing Mexican team renegotiating the trade pact.

Lopez Obrador has said he will root out corruption and grant amnesties to certain criminals amid an intense wave of violence in Mexico.

"We can bring a voice to the poor and marginalized, we can bring change, we can win". "We'll be looking in the coming weeks for indications of the size and nature of any fiscal stimulus or signs of a more interventionist energy policy".

Trump congratulated Lopez Obrador in a tweet on Sunday. Sound familiar? As president, he may well be, at least in terms of temperament, the Trump of south of the border.

The President-elect said he would forge a new relationship with the USA "rooted in mutual respect and in defence of our migrant countrymen who work and live honestly in that country".

The result makes Amlo the latest populist to seize power and his campaign against corruption has drawn parallels with US President Donald Trump's pledge to "drain the swamp" in Washington. And efforts to update the North American Trade Agreement have stalled, raising concerns that negotiations could drag into next year.

Lopez Obrador launched his campaign in Ciudad Juarez in tribute to its namesake Benito Juarez, a 19th century Mexican president whose exiled government resisted a French colonialist intervention from the unruly city that borders El Paso, Texas.

Mexico's Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is on the cusp of winning the presidency after the second of his two main rivals conceded defeat ahead of official results.

"While Obrador's victory may ease concerns of political instability, there still remains a thick smog of uncertainty over Mexico's economic outlook", said Lukman Otunuga of FXTM.

Officials estimated voter turnout at 63 percent among the 89 million people who were eligible to vote in Mexico's biggest-ever elections.

Ricardo Anaya, National Action Party (PAN), 24 percent.

Now, Trudeau is reaching out to the new president in the hopes of maintaining a united approach with Mexico when talks do resume with the United States. You shall not be disappointed", he vowed while crowds waved flags of his Morena party and chanted "President!

Lopez Obrador won't be sworn-in until December 1, when incumbent President Enrique Peña Nieto, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, leaves office.

"Front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador voted early, saying 'today the people will decide between more of the same or a real change".

Among the 3,400 offices being contested were 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, 128 in the Senate, eight governorships and 1,600 mayoralties as well as other local positions. Fernando Herrera Silva, a member of the ruling PRI party, was gunned down in Acolihuia, in the central state of Puebla, his party said.

When the veteran Mexican Left-winger lost the election to Felipe Calderon by less than a percentage point in 2006, and accused the government of electoral fraud, Mr Corbyn declared him the legitimate president. "They think we're all corrupt".

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