Hawaii Tour Boat Blasted With Lava Bomb - 23 Hurt

Cheryl Sanders
July 20, 2018

One woman had her thigh bone broken.

"As we were exiting the zone, all of a sudden everything around us exploded", he said. One tourist was on a boat when the lava bombs rained down on them.

Monday's accident prompted the U.S. Coast Guard to require boat captains to stay at least 300 meters (yards) from lava flowing from fissures in the volcano flank.

Lava Ocean Tours was set to take tourists out as usual on Tuesday, although the "Hot Spot" was taken out of service after a basketball-size "lava bomb" tore a hole through its roof, a company saleswoman said.

They were aboard a tour boat that takes visitors to see lava plunging into the ocean from the long-erupting Kilauea volcano that has been vigorously shooting lava from a new vent in the ground for the past two months.

The agency said the lava island is about six to nine metres in diameter and likely formed as a result of a lava flow that has reached the ocean and possibly an underwater tumulus, a submarine lava flow that's pushed to the surface as result of underwater pressure.

A "collapse explosion" at the summit of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on Wednesday sent a surge of lava that destroyed structures in an evacuated housing development, geologists and civil defense authorities said. In the 2016-2017 flow to the south, there was only about 4 cubic meters per second being erupted.

"Once we get the confirmation on that it will be released", she said by phone.

"There's something new. There's something really new", he said. A collapse explosion event, which is measured in quake magnitude, caused an increase of activity from fissure 8 resulting in some channel overflows, USGS said.

Officials have warned that getting too close to lava entering the ocean risks exposure to breathing in toxic fumes and even fine glass particles.

Lava from Kilauea has destroyed more than 700 homes since May, when it began spurting from new fissures.

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