Google to Enter Video Game Market with Streaming Service, Console

Yolanda Curtis
July 1, 2018

Rumor has it Google wants a piece of the video game pie and is working on its own streaming platform. On that third point, Google is already on track. In January 2018, the company hired Phil Harrison, the veteran video game executive who spent long stints at Sony and Microsoft as a top manager on the PlayStation and Xbox.

It seems like Google has been attempting to get into the video game business for quite some time now. According to sources, the company is getting a lot more serious. This makes sense, given the reports' claim that Google's hardware would be linked in some way to the streaming platform. Google Yeti is an interesting concept, and if any company could pull off the technical backflips required to do it right (low latency, high performance, ability to play on multiple devices), it would be Google.

So what is this streaming platform, exactly? Either way though, gaming giants and tech giants are all looking to push into the space, so we can expect to continue hearing about cloud gaming over the years to come. During the meeting, the company discussed its ideas for a streaming platform.

"Imagine playing The Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome", one of Kotaku's sources said.

It looks like Google is taking the gloves off and planning to enter the gaming arena alongside Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Google was the company behind the birth of software developer Niantic, before it went independent, and we all know how well its Pokémon Go title did.

The existence of the Project Yeti streaming service has been rumoured for some time now, with some sources being aware that it is being worked on. If their streaming initiative is powerful enough, it simply might not need to. While Fiber has run into roadblocks and is still a limited service, with locations in only a handful of cities, it does show that Google is capable of solutions to the bandwidth problem that no other gaming company can offer.

Some of you may be thinking, do we really need another home console?

There's no certainty that something will actually result in a real product. At the end of the day, it's all about the games. People will flock to wherever their favorite experiences are.

Do you see yourself signing up for a Google backed cloud gaming service? Do you think it would create competition for a future PlayStation?

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