Fortnite Season 5 Is Here With Tonnes of New Content

Carla Harmon
July 12, 2018

Heavy shotguns now fire ten pellets rather than five, but the overall damage of the shot is unchanged, meaning that each individual pellet now does half the damage it did before, but there are twice as many.

When it comes to weapons, there are a handful of changes to shotguns, allowing you to see how many pellets hit your opponents. Epic Games has also made it a bit more hard to "double pump" in season 5. We don't yet know where those are, but we'll update this story once the new season has gone live.

There's also a new vehicle, the All Terrain Kart (the ATK) which will accommodate your whole squad. It's also added two new named locations: Paradise Palms and Lazy Links, on top of a few anonymous areas that will surprise when you jump out of the Battle Bus. The vehicle can fit an entire four person squad inside, drifting grants speed boosts, the roof is a bounce pad, and non-driving passengers can work together to make the vehicle leap by pulling back on the control stick and releasing in unison.

The endgame will behave a bit differently now, as well, as the center of storm circles seven, eight, and nine can now shift in random directions. Epic is also changing the way progressive challenges work - your progress toward completing these now carries over between seasons. You can tweak the settings while playing if you can find a safe spot to practice in, and we'd recommend doing that so you can fine-tune the settings for your own personal taste. Upon their completion, you will be rewarded with a new loading screen. They're also now rewarded based on aquiring a fixed amount of XP, not based on your season level. They can be toggled on and off, but will allow aiming by moving the controllers. Simply scroll down and you'll have that Week 1 secret Battle Star in no time!

Fortnite Season 5 finally introduced one of our most requested features: Motion Aiming for Nintendo Switch users. Due to the lack of a reset button, we didn't really get on with using them all of the time, like in Splatoon.

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