FIFA Warns Networks to Stop Focusing on Women in World Cup Stands

Ross Houston
July 13, 2018

Now, taking a strong stance against sexism, Federation Internationale de Football Association has publicly condemned the broadcasters for showcasing too many "hot women" on the small screen when they should've been focusing on players and coaches instead. FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) reported that there have been about 30 cases of female reporters being harassed by fans, according to ESPN. "We've done it with our host broadcast services".

"Once it all settles down a bit, we will be able to organize some work in this direction", Cherchesov said.

"This applied to all participating players at the FIFA World Cup".

Powar said with Russian authorities also keeping home-grown hooligans away from games, the World Cup had an global crowd "very different to the fans that come to domestic football".

A female soccer fan paints Croatia's flag on her face after Croatia beat England in the semifinal game on Wednesday in Moscow. The fines started at 10,000 Swiss francs ($10,100) for a first incident.

The subject arose today in a review of FIFA's anti-discrimination program in Russian Federation.

Addiechi said some of the 1.5 million people issued with fan identification laminates had them stripped, and were deported.

It is understood that more than 20 supporters were identified by the authorities and they lost their FAN-IDs and were sent home.

Powar shed light on how instances of female reporters being kissed or grabbed on live television are becoming a common phenomenon at this year's World Cup.

While the crackdown isn't steeped in policy yet - Mr Addiechi said it is "one of the activities that we will have in the future, it's a normal evolution".

The 2018 World Cup has provided us with a month of incredible entertainment and, coupled with the ongoing heat wave, it's been a very enjoyable summer for football fans.

FIFA established a preliminary testing pool of more than 1,500 players who were potential participants at the FIFA World Cup in Russian Federation.

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