Elon Musk Calls Diver in Thai Soccer Team Rescue a Pedophile

Elon Musk Calls Diver in Thai Soccer Team Rescue a Pedophile

Andrew Cummings
July 18, 2018

Like others, Unsworth who played an instrumental role in the Thai cave rescue operation also criticised the submarine and called it impractical for the cave's tight-winding passages. "The submarine, I believe, was about 5ft 6in long, rigid, so it wouldn't have gone round corners or any obstacles". "It wouldn't have made it the first 50 metres", he noted, as most critics had.

In response, Musk questioned Unsworth's involvement in the rescue, describing him as a "suss" (suspicious) "British expat guy who lives in Thailand".

"I'm not going to make any further comment about him, but I think people realise what sort of guy he is".

Musk has been the subject of much ridicule online since his attempt at helping the Thai rescue mission.

Cave diver rips Elon Musk for submarine ‘PR stunt,’ Musk calls him a ‘pedo’ in response

This photo tweeted by Elon Musk shows efforts underway to rescue trapped members of a youth soccer team from a flooded cave in northern Thailand. He also defended himself, tweeting out emails between himself and another one of the divers, Richard Stanton, as proof that his plan to use the mini-sub to help the boys was in fact a viable solution. He later lashed out saying that he would make a video proving that his "mini-sub" would have been successful, the Guardian reported.

When Twitter users called out Musk's attack on Unsworth as unfair, he doubled down.

The comments became stranger, with Mr Musk then calling Mr Unsworth a "pedo".

He went on to say that when Musk visited the cave he "was asked to leave very quickly".

However, the reason why Musk branded Unsworth as a paedophile will leave you confused.

Although Musk was quick to delete both the tweets, his remarks came into the notice of Unsworth as well as the rest of the Internet.

"Bet ya a signed dollar it's true", he wrote in another tweet.

Musk was threatened with legal action after he accused the rescuer of being a "pedophile".

The 13 rescued remain in hospital in the city of Chiang Rai but are expected to be discharged on Thursday.

Unsworth's comments came as it was reported that two Australians who assisted in the worldwide effort to help the Thai football team were given diplomatic immunity in case anything went wrong during the rescue.

All 12 boys and their coach were later rescued by divers without Mr Musk's help.

Not everyone took kindly to Musk's sore rant, especially the part about Unsworth being called a "pedo".

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