Carbon price proceeds to go directly to Ontario residents: Trudeau

Cheryl Sanders
July 9, 2018

Ford in return has said he will fight any imposed carbon tax in court, although legal experts say Ottawa would likely win and a federal tax could be imposed by January 1.

The province has already committed $3 million to the Red Cross and offered up the 800 spaces that these people now occupy in college dorms, which students will need come next month.

The Ford government said Trudeau, who previously tweeted a message that was perceived as a welcome to asylum seekers, made his own "mess" and should pay to clean it up.

Boyd said Canada, and its provinces, have been long-standing co-signators to global agreements which give asylum seekers legal rights.

After their first face-to-face meeting yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that he didn't think Premier Doug Ford had a good understanding of Canada's asylum-seeker commitments.

"Can be a number of things about which our opinions differ, but there is one thing about which the Prime Minister agree", - said Ford.

"We will be there for that", Mr. Trudeau told the mayor.

"We were very clear on the campaign trail that we wanted to draw from his expertise in the health-care field and that his job will be reaching out to others throughout the world and in particular across North America and through Europe to see how we can best advance our health-care practices", she said.

Ontario has been promised $11 million by the federal government but Toronto Mayor John Tory has said the city alone needs $64 million to recoup costs.

All the costs flowing from these newcomers, including housing and social assistance, should be carried by the federal government, she said.

As of August 9, those college facilities will be used by students, she said.

The move drew swift backlash from the provincial Opposition and prompted the federal government to pledge ongoing efforts to alleviate the burden on provinces, while urging Ontario to participate in the process.

"That money was earmarked to deal with immediate housing pressures", said Mathieu Genest, press Secretary for federal Minister Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen. "We are ready to recreate this model in Ontario, and we need the collaboration of the provincial government".

At a meeting with Trudeau on Thursday, Ford wanted to know why Canada had not refused the immigrants entry to the country.

"Canada does indeed have an obligation that goes back 50 years and it has always been a leader in the notion that refugee claimants do have certain rights", she said.

"Unfortunately, conservative politicians here and around the world are playing a very risky game with something that shouldn't be fodder for division", he said.

Meanwhile, some of those tasked with helping to house the newcomers say the disagreement between Ottawa and Ontario over the issue has left them in limbo. In Toronto, thousands of refugees are now in the shelter system.

"He is going to be worth every penny", she said.

NDP MPP France Gelinas said the solution to the province's hallway medicine crisis is to hire more frontline staff like nurses and to add more hospital beds to the system.

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