Brewer says McCain won't resign as Senate moves to confirm Kavanaugh

Pablo Tucker
July 12, 2018

Democrats on Wednesday were reorienting their uphill push to block U.S. Senate confirmation of President Donald Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, moving healthcare to the center of their strategy and putting less emphasis on abortion rights.

Sen. Chuck Schumer of NY, the Democratic leader, said in an interview Wednesday that Kavanaugh's belief in broad presidential authority was "just off the deep end".

"People kept talking about different names", Trump said of speculation about who might be next to leave the court. "In our opinion, creating and supporting barriers to women seeking to make choices about our own bodies is pretty extreme".

As the judge made the rounds of the Capitol - he paid courtesy calls on Sen.

The opposite is true of Republican Sen.

The same Red-State Democrats who voted for Gorsuch will likely also vote for Kavanaugh.

"I don't concede the point that it's somehow counterproductive to the goal of winning in the midterms to fight like hell to stop Brett Kavanaugh", Fallon said.

"And I would say being very strict on interpretation of the Constitution and things like that, that's what impresses me, that's what ought to impress most people, because that's what the Constitution writers meant was that judges were supposed to interpret law", he added. Tim Kaine, D-Va., Clinton's former running mate for tweeting, "Here's what I'm wondering about the #SCOTUSpick: Will Judge Kavanaugh respect rulings to uphold the ACA?"

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said in a Fox News appearance that opposing Trump's nominee before he or she was even named was "troubling" and "not the way a democracy and federalism is supposed to work". But their lines of attack have expanded.

Cornyn said he asked Kavanaugh about the law journal articles during their "courtesy visit" Wednesday.

"At a time when the President and his associates are under investigation for various serious crimes, including colluding with the Russian government and obstructing justice, Judge Kavanaugh's extreme deference to the Executive poses a direct threat to our democracy", the letter read. "If Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, women's freedom to make decisions about their bodies, reforms to our health care system, the quality of our air and water, and much more will be at risk".

"For me it's a threshold qualifying question", said Sen. Do they think if they blocked Kavanaugh, Trump would name a moderate?

With Trump's Republicans clinging to a narrow 51-49 Senate majority, and Senator John McCain battling brain cancer and unlikely to vote, a single GOP defection could sink Kavanaugh if all Democrats unite against him. She's also said she won't support a nominee who is "hostile" toward Roe v. Wade. "But nevertheless it's an issue that I certainly will raise with him".

The Democrats' argument on presidential power may not sway Republican senators, but it will resonate with voters, said Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster. The Supreme Court motivates the right more than the left.

The new campaign will join an increasingly crowded effort by outside groups on both sides of the political spectrum to influence public opinion and senate elections. Unlike Murkowski, she voted for President Barack Obama's two Supreme Court picks, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.

"Although Kavanaugh worked on the impeachment of President Clinton, he now maintains that "criminal investigations and prosecutions of the president" should be deferred while a president is in office".

"It will be very hard for anyone to argue that he's not qualified for the job".

Sasse says the strong politicization of Supreme Court nominees deeply concerns him.

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