Whoops! Target issues apology for 'Baby Daddy' card

Carla Harmon
June 14, 2018

Target is in the crosshair of a controversy over its "Baby Daddy" Father's Day cards.

After the outcry, Target said it was removing the cards from the shelves and issued an apology to offended shoppers.

"We want all guests to feel welcomed and respected when they shop at Target", the statement said.

"We were made aware of some concerns about this card last week and are working with our vendor to have it removed from Target stores", the organization stated via Twitter. The front shows the phrase "Baby Daddy" over an image of a black couple kissing, which some interpreted as racially insensitive, per USA Today.

- Boosie Bad Jan ✨ (@JanMarie_)Target got baby daddy Fathers Day cards?!?

"This particular card was created for, and addressed to, a loving husband - which the inside copy makes clear", American Greetings said in a statement. "I saw this card and was surprised and disappointed".

In response to the complaints, the card is being pulled from about 900 Target stores.

Customers took to social media to let the chain know that it isn't a term of endearment to call someone a "Baby Daddy".

Still, Saunders claimed the card was racist, regardless of its intent, because "there were no baby daddy cards for teenage white girls running around saying it". "However, we now see that the front page, taken out of context, can communicate an unintentional meaning that we are strongly against perpetuating and is not consistent with our company objective and values".

Other commenters wondered what message Target intends to send simply by stocking the card.

The backlash has prompted Target officials to remove the cards, and apologize to offended shoppers.

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