Trump's G-7 outburst is 'a little depressing,' Germany's Merkel says

Cheryl Sanders
June 12, 2018

However, despite Trump's decision, Merkel insisted that she would continue working with him and at the same time, prepare the European Union to counter the USA tariffs on steel and aluminum just like Canada.

Many saw a distillation of a crisis of the West in the photograph, and a revival of the debate launched by U.S. and British media after Trump's 2016 election whether Merkel was the new "leader of the free world". Trump accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of making "false statements", and said the United States is looking into automobile tariffs.

On Saturday morning Trump said he was open to getting rid of the tariffs if the other countries agreed to a more pure form of free trade.

However, Merkel said it is too early to give up entirely on the United States and "There are still good reasons to continue our fight [aimed at keeping a close transatlantic partnership], even though we can not just rely on it anymore".

Merkel captioned the picture: "Day two of the G-7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday floated an idea to set up a way to resolve trade disputes between the United States and its allies, a French official said. "I would say that the G-8 is a more meaningful group than the G-7, absolutely", Trump said.

American National Security Advisor John Bolton, however, offered a different interpretation of the photograph. "That was put out by my people", Trump told Stephanopoulos. In an echo of Cold War meetings on neutral ground, Austria is encouraging the USA to hold a summit in Vienna, a White House official said last week.

"We as Europe have to stand up for our principles, potentially together with Japan and Canada", Merkel said. At a press conference following the summit, Trudeau repeated his earlier description of USA trade tariffs as "insulting" and vowed retaliatory measures would come in July.

Trump was reportedly infuriated by Trudeau's comments during the news conference.

Images released by press teams from five other leaders at the summit, including Donald Trump himself, show a very different story.

Asked if she was concerned that Trump could retaliate against European Union counter-measures by imposing tariffs on cars, Merkel said: "First of all, we'll try and see if we can prevent this". "International cooperation cannot depend on anger or small words".

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