Trump declares an end to the North Korean nuclear threat

Carla Harmon
June 14, 2018

A North Korean aide wearing latex gloves reportedly inspected and wiped the pen intended for Kim, which he didn't end up using.

Most Western observers have said the deal appears to include significant concessions from the U.S. while including no new commitments from North Korea nor details on how denuclearisation could be achieved. Despite those efforts, Trump announced after the summit that he had agreed to suspend USA military drills with South Korea, something North Korea has long demanded.

Trump and Kim agreed that their countries will quickly engage in follow-up talks led by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a "relevant high-level" North Korean official.

Trump: "Chairman Kim and I just signed a joint statement in which he reaffirms his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula".

While Trump and Kim concluded their summit in Singapore by signing a joint statement that promised "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", it did not specify what that process would entail.

"Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea", he tweeted Wednesday.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Wednesday that Trump expressed his intention to halt US-South Korea joint military exercises, offer security guarantees to the North and lift sanctions against it as relations improve.

"We are going to get out of the war games that cost so much money", he said referring to the USA participation in joint military exercises with South Korea.

Pompeo said he was there when Trump talked about it with Kim, and the president "made very clear" that the condition for the freeze was that good-faith talks be ongoing. "We're hopeful that we can achieve that in the two and half years".

The Reuters/Ipsos poll suggests the Republican president has broad support for one of his biggest foreign policy efforts, despite criticism from non-proliferation experts that Trump had exacted few concrete commitments from Kim on Tuesday on dismantling his nuclear arsenal. It's unclear whether the president informed US allies in the region of his plan to end the "war games", as he called them, prior to his declaration.

Former businessman Trump said as he met Kim for the first time: "I feel really great". North Korea and South Korea have the most riding on a peace deal, but China, which is next door, is probably next in line. The secretary of state is to meet President Moon Jae-in on Thursday morning to discuss the summit. It has not given the U.S. any information about them.

Most of us realize that the hysterical anti-Trump resistance has difficulty keeping its talking points straight.

The U.S. has stationed combat troops in South Korea since the end of the Korean War in the 1950s and has used them in a variety of drills.

North Korea's media is tightly controlled by the government and only ever reports positively on officials' activities. In his media briefing in Singapore on Tuesday, Trump mentioned ending the drills, which he described - in language similar to that used by North Korea - as "provocative", saying it would save the the US money.

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