The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Arrives June 26, 2018

Yolanda Curtis
June 11, 2018

"Over the past few years, ever since the release of the first game, Dontnod have been quietly working on the next mainline entry in the Life is odd universe", reads the post.

The game will be free when it hits on June 26. The best bit? The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is releasing at the end of the month for absolutely free. Many assumed this would be Life Is Strange 2. The episode is a self-contained narrative experience allowing players to discover plenty of hidden secrets with each play-through. Chris is an ordinary 10-year old boy who wants to be a superhero. In his fantasy adventures of being the titular "Captain Spirit", his adventures eventually lead to "something truly extraordinary" that will happen to him. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will feature links to the brand-new story of Life is unusual 2.

The Square Enix published game will feature an original story in the "Life is Strange" universe and seems to feature the relationship between a father and his son.

If you've not given the series a try yet (and you really should) this is a "perfect entry point", although there will be "nods to Life is unusual 1".

Square Enix and DontNod announced a new game set within the Life is odd universe during Microsoft's E3 2018 briefing.

The world of Life Is Strange is back with another story - The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

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