Tesla's next software update will add fully self-driving features

Tesla's next software update will add fully self-driving features

Andrew Cummings
June 12, 2018

The tweet said that the new v9 update would "enable full self-driving features", which does not necessarily mean that Tesla will be able to operate autonomously.

The rocket package "sounds like something straight out of a video game", but Musk is "completely serious about adding thrusters to the new Tesla Roadster", says Electrek. Ubergizmo argued that it's unlikely that Tesla's cars can suddenly be transformed into fully autonomous vehicles and that term could simply be a fancy marketing term for new features as opposed to its literal meaning.

Tesla's Autopilot and several similar systems use torque sensors to ensure the driver has a hand (or hands) on the steering wheel.

Spent air from the thrusters would be refilled immediately using the Roadster's batteries to power air pumps, which in lesser electric vehicles may be a reduced range concern.

An add-on weight dubbed Autopilot Buddy can allow drivers to keep their hands off a Tesla Model S or Model X steering wheel for extended periods of time, and can help to disable warnings that prompt the driver to take back control of the vehicle.

Besides the virtuoso headline-making tweet about the Roadster, Musk also hinted at a self-driving Tesla update coming later this year.

Tesla argued it had dropped out of the investigation, contending that restrictions on disclosures about the crash could jeopardize public safety by preventing the timely release of information about Autopilot to consumers. The features will be available for Autopilot 2.0 vehicles.

Tesla electric cars such as the Model S and Model X are known for their sleek looks, hefty price tags and rapid acceleration. Tesla says it could also very well be the last if the proposal goes forward because it would make it too hard for future vehicle companies to lay down roots in the Golden State.

Tesla shares closed 0.50% higher at $317.66.

The proposed labor rules could be approved in Sacramento as early as next month but it could take up to two years before it would be enforced, giving companies time to make any improvements.

Musk tweeted and said that the flame spitting engines and the burning rocket fuel are not legal. "Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly".

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