Sony announces PlayStation Hits line of budget-friendly fan favorites

Yolanda Curtis
June 22, 2018

Rather than committing to finding a way to reach an agreement with Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony bragged about how many PS4s it has sold and reminded everyone that they could still cross-play with Fortnite players on mobile and PC.

As people continue to ask why you can't play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch if you have a PS4 account, the pressure on Sony to do something about it is not going away.

PlayStation Hits offers a selection of games like Yakuza 0, Doom, Bloodborne, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, Battlefield 4, Street Fighter V, and more for a couple tenners.

Sony's stance on crossplay has never actually changed in the five years since the PS4 was released.

Former head of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, has suggested a reason for the Fortnite cross-play block: it could simply come down to "money". Whereas if you buy Fortnite initially for Xbox or PC, it will allow you to use your Epic account on Switch as well.

Yes, Mr. Smedley, that is indeed a dumb reason.

John Smedley touched upon why he thinks Sony has decided against cross-platform support for Fortnite.

Money, ooh how evil of Sony, or is it? Instead, Sony said the program will "start" at $20.

In a strict business manner, this may seem a right move, but we all know that the gaming industry is one of the fastest evolving industry on the planet, where among many other new things, crossplay has a significant liking.

How do you feel about cross-platform play and Sony's attitude on this? Yes, of course, I would and I bet so would all consumers, because it has only positive benefits for the actual gamer.

Sony has the hardware lead this generation, but console adoption has flat-lined, meaning the platform holder must now work on monetising existing customers rather than selling new units. Just hit the buttons on the top of this page.

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