Small raccoon makes big climb up skyscraper in downtown St. Paul

Yolanda Curtis
June 14, 2018

An update from the Associated Press says it appears the raccoon instead is heading down.

"I think if anything this proves St. Paul is the place to take a risk and reach great heights", Carter said.

Apparently, live traps have been put on the roof of the building in hopes the animal, which has gained quite the social media following, will make it up there.

It was confirmed that the raccoon had been released back into the wild at an undisclosed location earlier today.

Christina Valdivia with Wildlife Management Services, which contracts animal control services for the city of St. Paul, said the company had been called to address the situation before it even started climbing the building.

On Tuesday, June 12, all eyes turned toward a determined and confused raccoon just outside of Minnesota Public Radio's headquarters.

The raccoon was spotted by employees of the Paige Donnelly Law Firm, located on the 23rd floor, taking a nap outside an office window as afternoon turned into evening. The #MPRraccoon scaled the side of the UBS tower in downtown St. Paul and caused a viral sensation on the internet. Anything more might further spook the beast. "We're hoping he continues his climb", she said.

News crews assembled, and gazed up at the animal through the night, occasionally bathing it with spotlights.

Nearby Minnesota Public Radio, which followed its climb, branded it #mprraccoon. Around 11 began to descend, ever so slowly, but by the 17th floor decided against that route. Many have been tweeting their support for the animal, as it stays stranded on the skyscraper. Another named the raccoon "Time's Person of the Year" on Twitter after it became a trending topic. She was eventually rescued, almost a day later, after she reached the roof. "Goodbye friend!" the UBS tower tweeted on Wednesday.

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