Sessions: harsh migrant policy aims to end 'lawlessness'

Cheryl Sanders
June 20, 2018

Despite Sessions' claims, as has been well-documented, in late 1941 the the Nazis began deporting millions of Jews from across Europe to death and concentration camps they had constructed across the continent.

The letter repeatedly refers to the policy as being at the sole discretion of Sessions, not the result of an unavoidable law, as the Trump administration has been repeating in a lie to the American people.

Defending a policy that has provoked an outcry around the country and accusations of human rights violations, Sessions said the government is trying to halt a five-fold increase in the number of families illegally crossing the border in just four years. "We do not want adults to bring children into this country unlawfully, placing them at risk", he said.

"Policies that separate a child from his or her parent absent that level of inquiry, would not only be illegal under most state laws, but also may be contrary to the policy views of state legislatures and their constituents across this country", the letter reads.

"We need to think it through, be rational and thoughtful about it", he continued.

Jenkins' office said the separations highlight the need to pass immigration reform in order to put an end to "this bad policy".

He added that the issue is not really one of whether we separate parents and children when the parent has committed a crime, but of whether crossing the border illegally is a crime. The president pointed the finger at the Dems' "weak and ineffective" border security laws - even though it's his discretionary policies that are responsible for the separation of hundreds of migrant families.

Calls are mounting in the US for the administration to end the separation of families ahead of a visit from US President Donald Trump to Capitol Hill to discuss legislation.

"I find that offensive", Nielsen said when asked about the deterrence goal during a chaotic White House press briefing Monday. The findings come amid an investigation into possible Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and allegations of collusion with the Trump campaign.

"Put simply, the deliberate separation of children and their parents who seek lawful asylum in America is wrong", the letter reads. "Collectively, as former United States Attorneys, we have prosecuted tens of thousands of cases involving far more serious crimes than misdemeanor illegal entry offenses".

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