Racoon's climb up 25-storey building has netizens on tenterhooks

Racoon's climb up 25-storey building has netizens on tenterhooks

Cheryl Sanders
June 13, 2018

Minnesota Public Radio reported the raccoon was spotted resting in the Town Square building downtown St. Paul.

Internet-addicts among us may now have heard of #MPRraccoon, the creature seen climbing up the side of a 25-storey tower in St. Paul, Minnesota. Users posted photos of the raccoon's plight onto social media. That's when it started climbing.

The furry critter's ascent up the UBS Tower, as it clung only to the building's rough exterior more than 20 stories above the ground, started to stress people out on Twitter.

"You can do it, Rocket!" they say at one point, a reference many were using to the character of Rocket Raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Just before 3:30 Central time, the raccoon climbed up another story, then settled for another rest on a window ledge.

One lucky racoon in the United States has not only made it (to the top of a building, that is), but has also gained world-wide attention for its dare-devil antics.

St Paul Animal Control believed it may have been there all night before it started heading skyward.

With no balconies or windows that open, office workers inside the building were left to watch anxiously as the raccoon continued its climb. CBS Minnesota reports a live trap has been set on the roof, with cat food to lure the raccoon.

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