North America is granted the World Cup in 2026

Pablo Tucker
June 15, 2018

Mexico hosted the World Cup in 1970 and in 1986.

Football has been a major area of focus for the Chinese government, which aims to improve football skills within the country, in a bid to help its plans to host and ultimately win a Fifa World Cup within the next 15 years.

Canada will host a fraction of the 80 men's World Cup matches in 2026, so costs will proportionally reflect that. And he's not the only one whose career blossomed under Bradley, a former US national team coach and the current Los Angeles Football Club manager who took Egypt to within a game of the World Cup in his only qualifying campaign there. The last several hosts of both the World Cup and the Olympics may not say it publicly, but they've come to regret it. Almost half (46%) plan to watch the matches at home by themselves, while 28 percent report they'll be watching at a friend or family member's house.

Prince Mohammed, who was invited by Russian President Vladimir Putin, will also be attending the first match later this evening between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

However, nearly three-fourths of Americans (73%) said that they wouldn't be watching any of the 2018 Federation Internationale de Football Association matches at all.

The midfielder set a new record four years ago for Most FIFA World Cup finals as captain (Brazil 2014 was his fourth tournament as Mexico's skipper) and he could well lead his country at a fifth World Cup having been included in their squad.

"Being considered a place where major sporting events could take place, I think it adds to our cache", Ady said.

It wasn't only a numbers game. Just watch Tuesday night's presidential debate for evidence of what has been a hard period for the country.

The bribery scandal put the governing body on the brink, Infantino told the congress ahead of Wednesday's vote. "Not only our people and our families, not only our businesses, also in football they know that Canada, the United States and Mexico are deeply united", he continued.

Moncef El Yazghi, a Moroccan researcher in sports policy, said that Moroccans had high hopes that hosting the World Cup would have alleviated an ongoing economic crisis in the country.

The battle over who would host the tournament had been dogged by concerns that the vote could become a referendum on Trump's popularity.

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