It is a One-time Opportunity, Says Trump on Summit With Kim

Cheryl Sanders
June 14, 2018

Tuesday's meeting will be the first between a sitting U.S. president and a leader of North Korea, whose nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions have raised global concerns and seen tensions soar. The US may also look for North Korea to declare the existence and location of all the elements of its nuclear program.

His abrupt change of schedule will see him leave Singapore about 8pm on Tuesday (local time) after a full day of meetings with Kim, nearly 15 hours earlier than previously anticipated.

The White House, in the statement, said that the ongoing discussions between the United States and North Korea had moved faster than expected.

The North Korean leader was filmed taking a late-night city tour with his entourage.

And the Trump and Kim impersonators who captured media attention at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February turned up in Singapore for an event where fans could take selfies with them for a price.

The United States is willing to offer North Korea "unique" security guarantees if it embarks on "complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday.

The US administration will have to see tangible steps over time by NK toward denuclearization", Ken Gause, an expert on North Korea's leadership and a director of International Affairs Group at CNA.

"If diplomacy does not move in the right direction ... those measures will increase".

China, both Koreas and the United States would have to sign off on any legally binding treaty, so it is unlikely Kim and Trump will do more than express an intention to end the war.

Although gaps remain over what denuclearisation would entail, Trump sounded a positive note in a lunch meeting with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

"I'm very optimistic we will have a successful outcome with the two leaders", he said.

The nuclear summit carries not just high stakes for the Korean Peninsula and the fate of millions, but also Trump's own political fortunes.

On the eve of his big summit with Kim Jong Un, Trump on Monday piled on more tweets in his escalating trade war with Canada and sent out a top official to bash news reporting suggesting Trump's summit preparations could have been hindered by the lack of a top science adviser.

-North Korea contact. In a sign of lingering tensions, the North Koreans have been closely scrutinizing all American staffers who are slated to be in any U.S.

"It's our contribution to an worldwide endeavor which is in our profound interest", Lee told reporters Sunday at the global media center the city-state set up to accommodate the more than 2,500 journalists covering the event.

He posted a photo showing him and the Asian leader on Facebook.

Lee said that about half the cost is going to security.

"It is our contribution to an global endeavour which is in our profound interest", he told reporters.

Donald Trump has made a decision to leave his historic summit with Kim Jong-un 15 hours earlier than expected, flying back to Washington on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday morning. Traffic was held up in the steamy midday sun and scores of bystanders were penned in by police when Trump went to meet Lee.

Trump and Kim are both staying at hotels on Singapore's main island, and meeting on the isle of Sentosa.

He added that the "ultimate objective" of a historic summit with North Korea had not changed and the United States was "eager to see" if North Korea was honest about denuclearisation.

Part of the interest in Tuesday's summit is simply because Mr Kim has had limited appearances on the world stage.

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