Google's formerly Tango-only Measure comes to ARCore devices

Yolanda Curtis
June 23, 2018

ARCore is Google's new augmented reality platform and it has a much broader scope, in that it's supposed to work on as many phones as possible, instead of on just a few devices with specialized hardware. The app is created to let users use augmented reality (AR) technology to measure objects in the real world.

Although Google Measure boasts greater compatibility after today's update, the augmented reality app is still clunky and impractical, especially compared to its iOS counterpart - also called Measure - which is built into iOS 12.

The Measurement app helps in quick, everyday measurements around the house or office.

Sometimes you quickly want to measure something but you don't have a tapemeasure handy. Do note that you first need to install ARCore to use the app. But an update today makes the Measure app compatible with various Samsung Galaxy, Sony, and Pixel devices. You will now be able to view the measurement of the object at the center of the blue or orange bar on your screen.

Once calibrated, a drawer at the bottom allows users to drag either a length or height tool into the camera viewfinder. Like with many other ARCore-powered experiences, Measure works best in well-lit areas and textured surfaces with users required to pan their phones around. You can download the Measure app from the Play Store.

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