Google Home speakers can now handle three commands at once

Yolanda Curtis
June 14, 2018

For example, say "Hey Google, tell me the weather in Boston, London, and Sydney", or "Hey Google, turn on the Chromecast, the coffeemaker, and the bedroom light".

Google Home is now getting better multitasking features.

Noted on Twitter, Google has announced that Home devices can now support up to three commands at a time, expanding on the previously available two.

Further, this latest firmware update seems to have enabled Google's promised "smarter" support for multiple commands.

Additionally, as noted by Android Police, it would appear that the Multiple Actions feature is live, too. However, the tweet has been deleted, possibly indicating the feature is not quite ready and may take some time before the official re-announcement. I tested it with several commands for my smart home and I was able to get it to work for two lights (I don't have light groups), one light + one A/C unit, and one light + one scene (Harmony through SmartThings).

Google has tweeted that Google Home can now understand up to three commands at a time but the feature is limited to US, UK, Canada and Australia.

That means you can't ask it to just "set an alarm", you'd have to say "set an alarm for 7 AM" so it doesn't need to ask a follow-up question.

Adding a third request could save time for people who have a lot of smart home appliances controlled by their Google Home, according to CNET.

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