Film producer Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to rape charges

Carla Harmon
June 6, 2018

Though he was arrested, Weinstein's bail was set at $1 million and he surrendered his passport and is wearing a Global Positioning System ankle monitor.

He wore a black suit and tie, and was accompanied by his lawyer Benjamin Brafman as he arrived at the court to a crowd of reporters and photographers. He has steadfastly denied all accusations of non-consensual sex.

"I never had, never would attempt to discourage any person who contacts me from cooperating with the District Attorney's Office", he said.

A grand jury indicted Weinstein last week on charges involving two women.

The 66-year-old Weinstein has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex.

The appearance marked Weinstein's second appearance at the court in the space of two weeks, as he was arraigned late last month on charges of rape, a criminal sex act, sex abuse, and sexual misconduct.

The charges follow an avalanche of accusations that following their publication in October led women around the world, some famous and many who are not, to come forward with accounts of being sexually harassed and assaulted by powerful men.

In a Manhattan federal lawsuit filed Friday, Weinstein rape accuser Melissa Thompson said she'd turned over key evidence to Brafman's former associate Alex Spiro - before learning his firm Brafman & Associates was representing Weinstein.

"Deceptive tactics were used to entice her to turn over her visual and audio evidence of Weinstein's conduct (which she did)", it said.

In a statement responding to the indictment, Mr Brafman said: "The announcement of Mr Weinstein's indictment, does not come as a surprise..."

One alleged victim told investigators that Weinstein cornered her in a hotel room and raped her.

She said she has at least two clients who have accused Weinstein of sexual wrongdoing.

His lawyer said: "We are going to file a series of legal motions that will get us more information and may impact the process, and if we are successful there may not be a trial - and if there is a trial we will proceed expeditiously and vigorously to try and clear Mr Weinstein's name".

Other actresses who have publicly accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct include Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek and Cate Blanchett.

He added, "I can't control what the tabloids write, I can't control what an ex-associate does and I can't control what's filed in the Southern District of NY".

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