Facebook's New 'Snooze' Feature Could Filter Spoilers From Your News Feed

Yolanda Curtis
June 29, 2018

Facebook are introducing a new feature that will allow users to block spoilers from their feeds. According to TechCrunch, Keyword Snooze won't work for blocking ads, however - so if you snooze Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom you won't see News Feed posts but you might still see ads about it. It allows the user to block certain words from showing up in their News Feed, essentially granting the ability to block spoilers for movies and TV shows.

While organic content from friends, Pages and Groups will be impacted, Facebook confirmed with Marketing Land that the Keyword Snooze feature will not apply to ads in the News Feed. They have to click on a post that has that keyword, and click on "snooze keywords in this post". When you don't want to see posts about a current event, or a show, or even just something you don't want to look at for a while, you can simply snooze posts which contain words related to that topic. Fortunately, Facebook's "Keyword Snooze" feature is here to make your homepage much safer.

The social media giant has introduced keyword snooze, which is starting to roll out to a percentage of Facebook users.

"We hope that with additional options to help tailor your News Feed experience, you'll be able to spend more time focusing on the things that matter", the post added.

Facebook is testing a new feature for users which enables them to mute keywords for up to 30 days. But one could counter that as a private company, Facebook doesn't owe its users a constant undiluted and unfiltered news streaming covering anything and everything. When you select the option, you're given a list of keywords pulled from the text of the post, and can select which ones you want to snooze. I, for one, will welcome it.

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