EA and BioWare’s Anthem Will Not Feature Romantic Relationships

Yolanda Curtis
June 10, 2018

E3 2018 has kicked off with EA Play leading the charge.

Much of the EA Play press conference revolved around expected announcements for the EA Sports line, including new entries in Madden, NBA Live, and Federation Internationale de Football Association coming this fall-but with one surprise. The reveal didn't include hard proof of BioWare's promises about story content in the game, however, particularly BioWare's onstage assurance that Anthem can wholly work as a single-player experience.

Players will get to be a freelancer pilot working with the citizens of Targus to figure out the secrets of the world and survive a looming presence of evil as you confront this world.

Probably our favourite from EA Play, Sea of Solitude is about a girl who gets turned into a monster and must find a cure. The game follows the player in an attempt to defeat a mysterious enemy.

We'll have to see if the game can accomplish that sort of long life, but EA is doing what it can to ensure it is appealing before it launches.

Then came the not so secret news that Battlefield would be following the trend of 2018 and releasing a Battle Royale mode after launch. They also showed off some new gameplay quirks but not much else. "The romantic stuff, we're moving away from that for Anthem". Depending on which javelin (the name for the Iron Man-like mech suits) you choose, you will either play as the ranger, colossus, interceptor, or storm classes. When it releases, Anthem will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Join with up to three other players and assemble high-tech, hand-crafted, uniquely powerful exosuits. Put on your Javelin suit, boost out into the wilderness, and you can team up with other players again. The javelins will have customizable gear, which will affect the gameplay, and some visual options to add as well.

Speaking of the story, it does seem familiar to another game, Destiny.

According to Comingcoone.net, EA and BioWare have announced the official Anthem release date!

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