Bethesda Brings The Elder Scrolls: Legends To Switch

Yolanda Curtis
June 11, 2018

Bethesda officially unveiled their rumored new IP, Starfield. Blades contains combat in the same vein as the fighting Elder Scrolls fans will be familiar with. If it can do the same with Starfield, it may have a hit on its hands for a whole new sci-fi audience. However, there is no set release date for the game at the moment. There is a good chance we'll be able to test it out early, but it looks like it could certainly live up to the hype, especially considering the series that it originated from. Being titled Wolfhunter, players can expect to see a release later in the year. Instead, it's a mobile spin-off that offers a much more casual experience. In the game, some of the dungeons are handcrafted while others are procedurally generated. You can pre-register the game below to get a notification when it becomes available.

Blades is launching first on smartphones, Bethesda Softworks said it wants to release the title to all platforms, including PC and consoles.

It is assumed that the game takes place after the betrayal. If the site doesn't work for you, you can always try coming back later. You will be playing as the last "Walker" of the barren lands going up against a powerful enemy. It's set in the United Kingdom, with dynamic weather and seasons that players across the world will experience at the same time. Go into RAGE mode! It has also acquired Undead Labs and Compulsion Games, and established a new studio in Santa Monica called The Initiative. You can create players and use melee weapons and ranged weapons and magic, too. Hopefully, we get closer looks at one or both of those games at Bethesda's press conference for E3 2019. We also saw melee kill animations that are pretty sick.

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