Android Messages for web is officially rolling out to all users

Yolanda Curtis
June 19, 2018

Today, Apple users can access iMessage conversations on their Mac using a dedicated app. Google's Messages for web is similar in the sense that it also offers cross-platform access to messages - that is, it lets Android users view and respond to chats when they're not on their phone. The standard, adopted by numerous mobile operators worldwide, offers more feature parity with iMessage, thanks to its support for things like read receipts, typing indicators, high-res photo sharing, better group chat, and other features.

For those who still use SMS, the default Android messages app is getting a couple of new features. Google has informed that the new feature is now rolling out and should be available globally by next week. You'll also be able to attach images.

Meanwhile, Google mentions in a support page, "Your latest conversation threads, contacts, and other settings will be encrypted and cached on your browser". At launch, it will support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Google will be introducing Messages for web and this is one of the most wanted features.

Google product management director Sanaz Ahari walked through some of the new features and improvements to Android Messages in a blog post today, showing off updates that include the ability to send GIFs and smart replies. The next time you receive a TAC number, you can tap on copy and then paste the 6-digit pin for online transactions. If you work on a desktop or laptop computer a lot, you can soon send and receive messages without looking at your phone.

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